Groencor Furniture strive to deliver the best in high-value and low-priced products.

All of our furniture are Brand New and we deliver a wide range of Wadrobes, Diningroom Suites,Lounge Suites, Appliances etc.


  • Savings Plan

    The savings plan was invented for the soul purpose of enabling customers to obtain any product over a period of time, which makes it affordable for all customers as there is no interest involved.




    Please click on the Terms & Conditions for details.

  • RCS Credit

    The RCS Card is your key to South Africa’s largest shopping network.

    - ONE convenient monthly statement for all your purchases

    - Death, disability and retrenchment cover

    - Flexible payment options: straight or budget (choose from 24 or 36 months plans for purchases of R600 or more)


  • Deliveries

    We deliver! Our charges is R2.80 per kilometer. Please contact us for long distance deliveries as additional charges may be applicable.

    When an item is purchased at Groencor Furniture and delivery should take place, it is expected of the customer to check the product for any faults, damages etc. as Groencor Furniture are not to be held accountable for any damages or faults after signing the delivery form. A line for customer complaints will be available on the delivery form if any problems did occur. When an item is damaged, the customer is obligated to fill in the customer complaints line and items to be send back immediately whilst delivery vehicle is at the customers home.


  • Cash Purchases

    Receive 5% Discount when you purchase with cash, debit, cheque or credit card in store!

  • Lay-by

    30%  Deposit Required

    3 Monthly Payments


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The warranty on products varies between different items and is valid in the time frame applicable. The warranty will be forfeited if it is found that the item was abused.

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