About our Company

Groencor Furniture strive to deliver the best in high-value and low-priced products.

All of our furniture are Brand New and we deliver a wide range of Wadrobes, Diningroom Suites,Lounge Suites,

Appliances etc.


RCS Credit accepted in Store! About our Products

Groencor Furniture proudly announce that we have the interest of all customers in mind by targeting a wider market

of products to be able to meet the need of all customers. We provide furniture from low to middle to upper-class and

are therefor able to make this a one-stop shop.


To be able to deliver a cheaper range of furniture to our customers, we decided to select our suppliers carefully so that

we still deliver a quality product, although more affordable. Our middle-class furniture is a little more expensive, but

still affordable for those who want to upgrade but not empty their pockets. Our upper-class furniture is exclusive and

for those who really want to invest in long-life furniture and that wish to really go stylish.


Our products consist of furniture, appliances and newly introduced ornaments and pottery. The wide range of lounge

suites you can choose from is now even more convenient with our variety of fabrics you can select from samples

available in store. Our exclusive imported furniture consist of lounge suites, bedroom suites, wall units, coffee tables

etc. Where necessary some of these units are assembled in the customers house, which makes it easier to carry and

deliver. The local manufactured wooden furniture are also available in different stain colors. The Manufacturing

period for all local furniture,(Lounge Suites, Wall Units, Bedroom Suites, etc.) is between 2-8 weeks, depending on the

different suppliers. Management are requesting the customer to keep this in mind when ordering certain items.

Waiting period for imported furniture is normally 1-7 days, depending on availability of products, as it's received in

boxes from overseas and still have to be assembled.


Our newly introduced pottery items is also available in the color choice of the customer. See our website how pottery

can be converted to a nice dining room suite etc. That is why Groencor Furniture place exclusivity in your hands.

Be creative by choosing your colors, fabric/leather and ornaments carefully.


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